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Oh how I love this time of year. Every day involves a early morning swim, many hours of sewing whilst binging Netflix, afternoon swim, dinner and a movie. Repeat. Summer holidays is the one big time of year to get heaps of sewing done. I had about 3 cut out projects from throughout the year to get finished, and then I wanted to do a bunch of other stuff on top of that. I'm behind schedule, but still managed to play catch up with my fabric stash - which was the main goal.

When I started this blog, I made the decision to blog about everything I made, including the outfits I didn't end up liking. Either because the fit just didn't work out, or I ended up not liking the style. This dress is case in point - the fit just didn't work for me. I'm sure it would have if I'd committed to spending more time with the fit, but alas, I did not. In the photos it actually doesn't look too bad - but given the purpose of the dress was to wear it to work, it hasn't worked out for it's intended purpose. I found the actual cross over of the wrap too low, because the fit around the waist is too loose, so there is just too much boob action happening for it to be work appropriate. Not to say I can't wear it socially, which I have done once so far. But even then I found myself keeping an eye on how much I was showing! 

The dress is Vogue 9251 - a fitted wrap dress with a tie side and flutter sleeves. It's been a pretty popular dress pattern on the 'gram and I've seen a lot of great versions of it. I just found my usual size 12 bodice was too big and it hangs off the shoulders a little, giving it more cleavage than I'd like to. It passes the 'stand still and take photos' test, but not the 'moving around, leaning over tables' test. Don't get me wrong, I don't make a habit of leaning over tables! I cut out the skirt in a size 14, graded to a 12 in the waist, and the fit for the hips is great. Wraps are forgiving! 

I made the dress up in a rayon fabric I'd had in my stash for many years, that I picked up during a trip to Melbourne. I found it visiting the Clear It outlet on Brunswick Street. Never miss going there when in Melbourne. 

The pattern instructions were great for this dress. It's from Vogue's 'Very Easy Vogue' pattern range, which I've had great success with. It's a good beginners dress. No zippers! And the hem length was perfect for me.

I might give this dress another go down the track, and focus more on the fit. Although there are so many lovely wrap style dress patterns around right now, I might just try a new one instead! We'll see. :)