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Sunday night already. Boo. Why does the weekend have to fly by so quickly! I got back from the movies a few hours ago having gone to see Beauty and the Beast. This is not the kind of movie I'd normaly venture to see, but I was interested to see the costume design. Costume design in a movie like this is typically pretty impressive. Much like it was in the live-action version of Cinderella. This movie didn't disappoint. I left wanting to make the yellow ballgown Belle wore. Yes, THE yellow dress. I figured I could just make it to wear to work. Slightly controversial work option, but hey - why not? I also left the movie thinking that Ewan McGregor made a sexy French candelabra. Seriously, what's wrong with me!?

Back to the task at hand, and this dress I made up a few weeks back. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So Shona Joy - prepare to be flattered. For those who don't know, Shona Joy is a Australian fashion designer. Pitt Trading fabric store was selling her fabric from previous collections over last summer and I snapped up a bunch of them, including said fabric. I then did some Googling (seriously, how did we find out anythingbefore Google?) and found images of the fabric from her collection. I saw it used over a number of designs, but was quite taken with the two piece look of one of the styles. So I went forth, and made my own version. 

Inspo above. Clearly the one in the middle. 

I dug into my sewing pattern stash to find a pattern that best fitted my needs, knowing that I would need to alter it a little. I landed on New Look 6342 - a dres with a bodice overlay option. It fitted the bill quite well and I knew the only change I would need to make is decreasing the neck hole so it's mroe fitted around my neck and narrowing the cut at the top of the arm holes. I used some cheap cotton from the cupboard to do a mock version before I cut into the fabric. I added about 2cm to the neck line to rise it. Only on the front bodice and kept the bodice back the same. I then narrowed the shoulder seams by almost 1.5 inches on both sides. Before cutting into my fabric I also held up the pattern pieces against my body to determine the length of the dress on me. Due to the nature of the pattern print, I couldn't afford to adjust length after cutting out the pattern otherwise I'd cut into the aqua stripe. 

From a fit perspective the dress was pretty good. I cut out a size 12 but graded out to size 14 in the hips just in case it would be too snug for me, and I'm glad I did that in the end. I finished it off with an invisible zipper which thankfully managed to get through the additional layers of fabric with the overlay. I would consider a regular zipper if you are planning on using thicker fabrics. You are supposed to finish off the arm holes by interacing them in the same fabric and turning the facings in. However, because I changed the width of the arm holes the interfacing pattern pieces didn't align anymore. I could have taken the slow and more methodical approach by redrafting new interfacing pattern pieces. Instead I thought 'screw it' and used white bias binding to finish off the arm holes. Given the busy-ness of the fabric, you can't really notice the stitch line from sewing down the bias binding too much.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out given the alterations I made to it, and I think I can probably get away with wearing this in both sumemr and winter seasons. Now onto the next Shona Joy inspired outfit....