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Happy Easter everyone! I can't believe I'm writing this on the evening of Easter Monday and the four day weekend is almost over. So sad. Part of me has that feeling that I've wasted the extra days off but actually if I wrote down what I achieved I think I did OK. Except for the lack of exercise, but lets just skate over that point for now. This weekend I managed to upload and edit two holiday photo albums using Snapfish online to be sent off to the printers. I find this process takes for-ev-er!! I have so many holiday snaps still to put into albums but slowly getting there. I also did the obligatory Spotty and Lincraft shop runs - 30% off fabric and yarn now means I am right for Winter projects. I finished a couple of sewing jobs, sewed up a quilt top which I'll quilt next week and caught up with mates for birthday drinks one night and a sunset drinks the following day. So whilst I had a relaxing weekend I did manage to peel myself off the couch.

Back to the task at hand and blogging another of my Summer makes from back in December. I look at this dress with mixed opinions. One half of me loves the easy look of it and the colourful border embroidery. The other half of me looks at the photos and think it looks like I am dressed in a bedsheet....or even almost a toga. I like the style of the dress and I love the fabric but just maybe not the two together. I picked up the fabric from The Remnant Warehouse. I nabbed some of it as soon as I saw it as I loved the bright colour against the white and I like playing with border prints.

I used New Look 6291 for the dress. I was thinking easy and perfect for the beach and was conscious that it was a straight skirt so I could try my hand at my first scalloped hem. The construction of the dress itself was dead easy. The most of my time was spent cutting it out to ensure the border print continued around the hem and in line. I cut out a straight size 12 and didn't make any adjustments except for fitting the elastic to me around the bust and not using the guide. If I had used the elastic guide the top would have fallen off!

To make the scalloped hem I had the advantage of being able to follow the pattern in the embroidery so I didn;t have to trace the curves onto the material.

Below illustrates what I did to do the scalloped hem. It was a fun change to the regular hem and I think i'll try doing it again soon.

Step 1: Using either a co-ordinating fabric or the same fabric as the body of the dress cut the lining out. I just cut a second skirt bottom on white cotton voille

Step 2: With right sides together pin the lining to the skirt bottom at the hem

Step 3: Following the scalloped curves of the embroidery on the fabric, sew about 0.5cm underneath following the line. Using the edge of your sewing foot works a treat as a gauge for keeping to an even hem. If you don't have a pattern on the fabric to follow, check out this tutorial on how to create the scallops from scratch - click here.

Step 4: Trim close to the stitching and clip

Step 5: Turn inside out and iron. I used one of those thingy-ma-bobs that helps turn out thin straps to ensure I pushed out all the edges of the scalloped hems.

Overall I would say that this is a good pattern but choose your material wisely so it doesn't just look liked you've just wrapped a towel around yourself and gone out of the house. Be mindful that it is pretty baggy around the waist but there isn't really much in the way of getting around that as you need to be able to get it on. Perhaps fabric with more drape like a rayon would work better.