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I had to call my first blog post for Bobbin & Baste ‘Finally I'm here’....I just had to. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for so long now (my family and friends can concur with this having heard me talk about it FOREVER); so thankfully it is now finally coming to fruition. The delay in actually getting to this stage hasn’t been much more than a time factor. Not so much lack of time, but rather  a ‘time better spent’ scenario in which I spend any time I have making and creating rather than blogging about it.

Finally I'm blogging!

But as the days, and months past I continued to wish I had some little place on the world wide web where I can chronicle my creations to look back on and remember. I rely on the creative souls of people all over the world to inspire me, and in pulling this together; I might just be able to provide some inspiration in return.

Big thank yous to the little bro for helping with getting this up and running. He's also a talented photographer, so check out his site here.

If you’re interested in finding out what rocks my world, have a read of the About Me section.

Otherwise, enjoy!



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