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It’s only a few weeks shy of Winter but my sewing table is in complete denial of this. I will definitely need to kick the Winter sewing into gear, but for now let’s just sneak in another Summery dress. I spied this pattern - New Look 6243 recently and thought it was perfect for the gorgeous material I had picked up at Pitt Trading. Every time I look at this material I think of a Disney movie, like Bambi or Snow White – it’s just so super cute. The material has great drape so the half-circle style skirt bottom would go perfectly with this fabric. I bought a black lace for the yoke pick up the black in the material too.



This was my first make after a 3 week sewing hiatus due to my trip to Vietnam. Whilst 3 weeks doesn’t seem like a lot of time, for me it was probably the longest stretch of non-sewing time I’ve had since my last holiday in May last year. Thankfully sewing is a bit like riding a bike and I got straight back into it and the stars aligned for this one. I cut out a size 12 but I actually ended up having to take it is quite substantially at the sides of the bodice so a 10 would have worked better. I find I always fluctuate between size 10 and 12 so I just don’t know which way to go so I erred on the side of caution. But I suggest you needn’t bother doing that if you try this one. The fabric has a bit of stretch in it too so I wanted to make it quite fitted on the bodice.


The pattern instructions for this pattern were really good and it came together nicely. I made little alterations except for adding one inch to the length of the dress and I used pre made satin bias binding rather than making my own from the dress material. If you are going to use a lace for the yoke, and a stretchy one at that, I suggest doing a straight stitch along the edges of the pieces before construction to ensure they keep their shape. I also over-locked all the edges too, to further reduce any of the yoke stretching out of place. It also makes it easier for fitting that it doesn’t stretch as you have to fit before putting in the bias binding which gives it the strength.


I didn’t bother putting any interfacing into the waistband as I didn’t want to lose the drape-ness of the dress or stiffen up the waistband too much. The pattern also suggests a hook and eye for the closure at the top of the back but I’m quite fond of snap closures so I put one of those in instead. I think they are easier to manage when trying to dress yourself rather than hook and eyes! I finished off the narrow hem with a blind stitch. Is it weird that I really enjoy hemming? Something about sitting in front of the tele with needle and thread that’s quite cathartic…or maybe it’s just the fact that I know when the hemming is done there’s nothing else left to do!